2023 CSAM Addiction Medicine Review Course

NEW! Register to gain access to the 2023 Addiction Medicine Review Course. Over 16 hours of materials, covering the essentials of addiction treatment while incorporating current evidence-based practices. Highlights include Dr. Dan Ciccarone discussing fentanyl, Dr. Anna Lembke covering dopamine response in the digital age, and moving panel discussions covering spirituality as well as the frontiers of harm reduction. Click here to visit the course.

2023 Board Exam Preparation Course

Image for board exam preparation trackThe Addiction Medicine Board Exam Preparation Course is designed for those preparing to take the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) Addiction Medicine Board Exam and is aligned with the Board's exam content Blueprint. The faculty of experienced educator will cover 14 key topic areas with sample exam questions and rationale provided for answers. Test taking and study tips will be covered. 

This course is designed to assist learners in assessing their competence in subject areas that comprise addiction medicine, and plan further study as needed.

PRICE -- $495 (MEMBERS) ; $699 (NON-MEMBERS) 

Total CME/CE credits available: 7.00

High Yield Question Bank

Improve your test taking skills with our High Yield Question Bank! The Question Bank is designed for physicians taking the Addiction Medicine Board Exam from the American Board of Preventive Medicine. 

The set of over 600 board-style questions has been developed by physicians in the field of addictions and is aligned with the 16 key topic areas of the American Board of Preventive Medicine's exam content Blueprint. This version will offer more demonstration questions on Preventive Medicine as recommended by last year's test-takers.

This web-based, on-demand set of questions with correct answers indicated is ideal for self-study and self-paced learning. You may take the quiz multiple times to practice! The question bank was refreshed in 2022 by physicians in the field.

PRICE -- $149 (MEMBERS) ; $219 (NON-MEMBERS) | Total CME credits available: 10

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

This workshop will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to complete a Fitness for Duty assessment of health and other professionals. There are unique aspects to forensic medicine, including the party to which you have the duty, the spirit of inquiry, and the approach to assessment.

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New! Cannabis: From Bud to Brain

photo of faculty member and activity title


This workshop is designed for clinicians prescribing medication for the treatment of addiction and pain management. It will build skills using buprenorphine in the emergency department, hospital and ambulatory settings and managing challenging inductions such as from fentanyl. An updated comparison on the buprenorphine formulations and clinical use will be provided. [More]

Treating Pain and Addiction

image for treating pain and addiction

This activity is designed for health care professionals that want to know more about the latest in treating patients with opioid substance use disorder, the state of current systems of care, and the legal implications of staying in compliance. Click here to learn more

DEA Education Requirement

New DEA Education Requirement on Substance Use Disorders

The new, one-time requirement for DEA prescribers to complete 8 hours of education on the treatment or management of patients with opioid or substance use disorders begins June 27, 2023. 
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This presentation will enhance your ability to effectively evaluate health professionals, and to make accurate diagnoses and recommendations congruent with administrative needs. When an evaluation of a health care professional is required, who does it and what does it include? Learn from the attorneys who represent  physicians, from hospital medical staff wellbeing committees and MECs, and from those who specialize in physician fitness for duty evaluations and standards for associated reports. [More]

2022 State of the Art

It is now time to flip the script on COVID 19 and “Innovate into the Future” to deliver state-of-the-art care to the most vulnerable. This year’s California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) conference promises topics ranging from core Addiction Medicine concepts to up-and-coming developments in the field.

CSAM’s State of the Art Conference is the West Coast’s premier Addiction Medicine conference, bringing together physicians and other healthcare professionals who specialize in the treatment of addictive disease. 

PRICE -- $475 (MEMBERS) ; $675 (NON-MEMBERS) | Total CME credits available: 17.25

About CSAM

The California Society of Addiction Medicine offers high-quality, evidence-based Continuing Medical Education to enable physicians and other health professionals to improve the treatment of patients with substance use disorders. CSAM courses draw upon the latest research and clinical advances in the scientific and medical communities and feature top experts in the field. The California Society of Addiction Medicine is accredited by the California Medical Association (CMA) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.